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India, a country that comprises of Tier II and Tier III cities, is currently observing an ever-increasing growth in the number of first-time internet users online. Indian consumers are rapidly shifting from traditional means of content viewing to more convenient modes by making use of the internet.

90% of India is said to own a mobile phone by 2022.

In the western regions of the world, 50% of internet users make use of Wi-Fi for internet consumption while the remaining 50% uses mobile data. However, in India, post the launch of Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance Jio data plan, mobile data has become inexpensive across the country. This is fuelling internet(mobile data) consumption that is likely to go up to 7 GB per month per user by 2021. Additionally, with decreasing data tariffs, we foresee that online video viewing will continue to increase in popularity in India.

Unlike developed markets that observe the usage of Wi-Fi and mobile networks in proportions of 51% and 49% respectively, the usage of mobile networks in India is significantly higher (65%). The reason for this could be because of the fewer number of free Wi-Fi zones.

Video Consumption Statistics 2018

Weekday Versus Weekend Viewing

We have the tendency to believe that people spend more time watching videos on weekends than on weekdays. But in India, it’s a completely different story. Video-viewing across all platforms significantly drops over the weekends as compared to weekdays (at night). 89% of the audience tune in on weekdays while 65% tune in on weekends.

Viewership is low at the start of the day, slightly takes off between noon and 3 pm and then finally peaks between 8 pm and midnight. This means that people are turning to online videos to take enjoy a break from their busy work schedule and also to help them relax once they are back home after work.

Hope these insights help you into what works and what doesn’t.

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